A New Blog? Huzzah!

Welcome to The Fanciful Lobster!

One of my many lobster-themed prints

"Huzzah! An scintillating new blog to read!" you're hopefully thinking, "but what's it about?"

To be succinct, this blog will focus on my art, particularly my work as a printmaker, but also my drawings, paintings, and anything else that happens to be floating in the creative ether. I'll also share my other adventures in this delightfully strange phenomenon we call daily life, whether it involves cooking, travelling, my love of  cats, or anything that strikes the fancy.

"Sounds fantastic," you say, "but who are you?"

Since we've just met, I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm an art historian and a bit of a nomad. I'm originally from Maine, but my family and I moved to Arizona when I was ten (they moved back to Maine a few years ago). I spent my undergraduate years at Lake Forest College in Illinois, then earned my Master's degree at Williams College in Massachusetts. Since then, I've been going wherever the jobs are, including Wyoming and Texas. I consider myself lucky to have seen so many different places, and my experiences in these areas have definitely impacted my work, professionally and personally.

I first became artistically interested in landscapes when I was working in Wyoming

Currently I'm living in beautiful Vermont, where I work as a curatorial fellow at Shelburne Museum (if you're in the area, we're open until October 28th, so come visit!). As far as my job goes, I think it's fantastic. I get to curate exhibits with topics ranging from 19th-century polar bear paintings to 20th-century rocket toys, which is both fun and intellectually stimulating. I also research the permanent collection, handle visitor inquiries, provide tours and lectures, and basically do anything else that comes up. The Museum itself is a fabulous place to work at because it has a wonderfully eclectic character. From dolls  to paintings, historical buildings to decoys, it has something for everyone. Heck, it even has a steamboat.

Shelburne Museum's holding include, among other things, the steamboat Ticonderoga

You can read more about this delightful place in the Shelburne Museum blog. What I want to focus on here, though, is what I do when I'm not working.

"Fine and dandy," you're thinking,  "but what's with the title?"

Well, The Fanciful Lobster got your attention, didn't it?

The fanciful lobster certainly got this bear's attention

All right then, enough with introductions. Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to sharing this new adventure with you!