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Let's face it, for every project we actually complete, there are probably at least ten that go unfinished. I am no exception to that rule, and my sketchbooks are replete with drawings, musings, and dabblings that I haven't gotten around to yet.

So, rather than let these ideas continue to gather dust, I've decided to showcase them in a new feature here called Sketch of the Week. This will be much shorter than my typical posts, and will appear on Fridays, my treat to you for the coming weekend.

Most importantly, if you see a sketch you like, post a comment! This is your chance to directly influence the course of my work, so revel in your power.

Without further ado then, here's your first sketch:

This is a barn formerly located outside my apartment. It's being taken apart as we speak, but I went out and drew it a few days ago. Between the weathered surface of the exterior, the geometry of the beams, and the ominous presence of the deep interior shadows, I found the barn an alluring subject. I used ink and ink wash, could have been more detailed about it, but it was getting dark even as I sketched (ah, those winter nights are descending quickly).

Vermont art has a long, rich tradition of abandoned, dilapidated barns, and I'm thinking about taking on that tradition myself, using this as a springboard. What do you think?


  1. Love this one!! Let's do a survey of old VT barns together--you can make sketches and maybe I'll take photos/do paintings and then we can have our own gallery show.


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