Sketch of the Week

Your Sketch of the Week comes a day early this week, as I'm heading home to Maine for the holidays on Friday.

Anyway, today I'm showing you a drawing what I call the Wyoming Sketchbook. I bought it when I was working in Jackson, where I experienced a personal artistic revolution, you could say.

You see, before I saw Wyoming, I never drew landscapes. Sure, I'd studied them academically, written about them, but I never had any serious interest in making any myself.

Then I moved to Wyoming to work as an intern at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson.

For three months, the Grand Tetons were my backyard. I become so smitten with the majesty of it all that I became a landscapist overnight. After work, and on the weekends, I would tramp around the mountains with my sketchbook slung over my shoulder, stopping to draw any landscape that I found especially beautiful or moving. It was a wonderful way to spend a summer, and remains one of the happiest times in my life.

This sketchbook is full of different scenes, and I've got plans for a grand series with them. I'm showing you this one though, because I'm actually working on a project with it. Keep your eyes out for the finished piece in the future...