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Last Saturday I attended my first cat show, and what an experience that was!

A judge explaining why this Persian kitten has a great face. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't like having some random guy smush my nearly non-existent nose with his thumb.
It was eerily similar to the Christopher Guest film Best in Show, and was replete with colorful, quirky characters and their equally bizarre cats. I saw felines of all types, from pipecleaner-thin rex varieties to that furry explosion known as the Persian. I was also happy to see some Maine Coon cats, a breed of which I'm especially fond.

Aside from the fun of just seeing all these kitties, I took advantage of the opportunity to do some quick sketching. Drawing live animals is a delightfully challenging experience because they won't sit still for you, requiring lighting-quick observations and reflexes. Here are some of the cats I drew:


  What is your favorite kind of cat?


  1. Your sketches are marvelous! I particularly love the profile in the first image, 3rd kitty down. You did a splendid job capturing their movement and expressions.

    Favorite cat? I'm partial to Turkish Angoras and Turkish Vans but show me pretty much any cat and I'm a happy lady!

    Nice work, as always!!

  2. I'm delighted that you enjoy them! Vans and Angoras are both beautiful cats, with such luxurious coats. Thanks for stopping by!


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