Sketch of the Week

A good friend of mine, Katie, recently gave me a delightful new sketchbook. She's getting her Master's right now in creative writing, and composes very compelling hybrid works. If you get a chance, you should check out her work on her blog.

My handsome new sketchbook
Anyway, back to the sketchbook. Katie got it for me because she thought I would enjoy the irregular texture of the paper, and boy was she right!

Just look at that wondrous texture!
I decided to inaugurate my new sketchbook with a pen-and-ink drawing of one of my many houseplants.

Foreground, middle ground, background. You can create an entire landscape in a houseplant.

Each plant has a distinct personality to me, and I'm contemplating making a series of portraits, so to speak. It's certainly a subject I'm keeping in mind for my upcoming etching class, which starts on January 30th.

Do you have any plants?