Winter Explorations, Part Two

Less than a week after I had waxed rhapsodic about snowshoeing, a thaw occurred that melted all the snow, leaving me with a slushy, dripping mess.

Nonetheless, I've still been venturing out and enjoying my surroundings. I'm nursing a cold at the moment, so I'm going to keep the text light today. Here are some pictures I took along an easy hiking trail about a mile from  my apartment:

This would made a great woodcut

This scene felt like a Constable to me

The branches reminded me of neurons

The circular shape attracted me

The texture of bark fascinates me

Pleasant little creek

Along the shore of Lake Champlain

Nice tree stump along the water's edge

The palette of this scene reminded me of Andrew Wyeth

Next week I'll share with you a new project I've been working on. Until then, I hope you've enjoyed the pictures.