Sketch of the Week

Typically I try to keep this blog lighthearted, but today's sketch requires solemnity.

This past Wednesday one of my aunts died of cancer. It wasn't unexpected, but it happened sooner than anyone in the family had anticipated. Thankfully it was quick, and her suffering was brief.

Death always churns up a maelstrom of emotions, but the single strongest feeling I have right now is regret because I hadn't seen my aunt in a couple of years. Between working full-time with a modest income and not owning a car, I don't see friends and family as often as I should. I feel especially rueful right now because my aunt had wanted to visit Shelburne, particularly since she had family living in the area. Now that can never happen.

One thing I've learned over the years is that each of us grieves differently. I grieve by making art. Out of loss comes creation.

As I started to process my aunt's death Wednesday night, I drew this:

I'll explain what you're looking at in more detail later, but essentially it's a modification of a sketch I had made of some tree roots down at Shelburne Farms a couple of years ago. This, I've decided, will become my next etching. I may not have been able to say goodbye while my aunt was alive, but I can at least honor her memory with my etching needle.