Sketch of the Week

This week I'm showing you another of my cherished houseplants, this time my geraniums.

I have three of these in my apartment, and they all came from Shelburne Museum. Geraniums, along with other flowers, are planted all over the grounds during the summer season, but once fall descends our Grounds and Gardens crew digs them up and offers them to Museum staff and volunteers for free.

I've been thinking about doing a print with my geraniums for some time now. Currently I'm leaning towards abstracting the leaves and making a multi-block linocut.

What's your take on geraniums?


  1. I hate the way geraniums smell, very artificial.

  2. I love their smell-reminds me of my grandmother' garden.

  3. Isn't it fascinating that a single scent can evoke such disparate reactions? That is the wonder of the human experience, it's different for each of us.


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