Sketch of the Week

Today we're looking at another sketch from Wyoming:

Now unlike many of my sketches, I've actually done something with this one. About a year ago or two ago I painted a series of 4 landscape murals on cheap canvas cloth I'd picked up at a consignment shop. I wasn't allowed to paint my house since I didn't own it, so this was this next best thing. I don't consider myself a great painter, but I'm competent enough for this sort of thing. The colors in the finished murals differ considerably from the original sketches, but I was using leftover housepaint that I had found in the basement, so I had to work with limited resources.

The two panels on the lefthand side are Wyoming scenes, while the two on the right are set in Vermont. Originally they all hung together, but nowadays they're split up between two walls because there's not enough room in my current apartment. Still, I enjoy looking at them from my bed, as they remind me of the beautiful places I've been lucky enough to see and experience so far.

That said, I'm always open to making some sort of print with this sketch, if I ever get around to it.