Sketch of the Week

This sketch was made with my bare hands. Literally.

I was driving home from Ruidoso last weekend when I decided to sketch this church along the highway. After I'd done the initial line drawing, I was rummaging around for my paintbrush when I realized I'd left it at home. I was about 50 miles outside of Roswell, so I couldn't exactly go fetch it, but I wasn't about to give up drawing either. As I searched for an alternative, I looked down at my hands and decided to dispense with tools altogether. If 5 year-olds can fingerpaint, by golly, so can I.

This was a surprisingly fun sketch to do. The final result may not be as refined as what I can do with a brush, but the whole point of art is to experiment, so I'm glad I did it. Who knows, maybe I'll work this into my monotyping.

Speaking of monotypes, I'm taking a printing class at the Museum now, so get ready to see some new work soon!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! And hooray for print class at the museum...can't wait to see what else you come up with!


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