Sketch of the Week

In my neighborhood mourning doves are by far the most numerous of my avian neighbors. I hear their persistent calling when I wake up, I see them flying above me throughout the day, and occasionally I encounter their corpses on the sidewalk. They also drop their feather with some frequency, and I've been collecting them with the intention of doing some sort of print project with them. I haven't done anything substantive yet, but I did do this sketch:

The container these feathers are in is a craft project from my Vermont days. I took an empty baking powder can, and covered it with a page from a Swedish textiles magazine. I originally used this container to store laundry quarters, but now that I have the luxury of laundry facilities within my apartment, I'll use it for feathers instead.

What birds live in your neighborhood?

UPDATE: As it turns out, there is a program in Roswell dedicated to neutering and spaying cats and dogs. Check out the website here: