Sketch of the Week

For several years I've had a fondness for sycamores. I first saw them as a child when my parents and I visited Tlaquepaque in Sedona, and I was immediately taken with their sensuously curving limbs and multicolored, mottled bark. I loved them so much that my parents even bought one to plant in the back yard when we moved to Prescott Valley. It was a young sapling, much smaller than those Sedona trees, and had yet to start twisting and curving, but I loved it regardless. I sometimes wonder whether it's still there; I haven't seen the Arizona house since me parents sold it in 2005.

Anyway, there are a couple of sycamores growing along North Pennsylvania Avenue, and I pass under them every day on my walk to work. One Saturday I stopped to sketch one:

I was thinking about doing (yet another) series involving these lovely trees, perhaps linocuts. What do you think?