Sketch of the Week

I'll admit, I had a predilection for drawing trees when I was in Wyoming and Vermont. They yield a remarkable variety in terms of form. Their limbs can range from the sensuously curvaceous to the frenetically tangled. Bark is equally varied, with textures spanning smooth to deeply grooved. In short, there's endless variety if you're willing to look for it.

I haven't been drawing trees so much in Roswell, partly because there aren't as many, but also because I've found myself more interested in architecture recently. That said, I have found that trees are starting to make their way back into my sketchbook, including this one:

I drew this tree because the needles provided a good opportunity to fool around with ink and dry brush, a technique I don't use terribly often, but has its potential. I doubt I'll do anything with this particular sketch in the future, but I doubt it's the last tree I'll be drawing either.