Bake Break: More doughnuts

In the few months I've been in Roswell, I've managed to create a reputation for my baking at the Museum (I hope I'm doing the same for my actual curatorial work, too). So much so, in fact, that I've started getting requests for new treats.

A few weeks ago, for instance, two of my co-workers asked me to try making banana nut doughnuts. They'd had my banana muffins before, and they're fans of my pumpkin doughnuts, so they apparently thought that turning the muffin into a doughnut was a splendid idea. In spite of my reserved New England exterior I'm a sap at heart, so I took my grandmother's banana bread recipe and whipped up something for them.

They're not the prettiest of doughnuts, but they were delicious, so I'd definitely recommend it those wishing to add a little novelty to their banana bread. My co-workers are happy now too.

Until they think of the next baked good I should try.