Sketch of the Week

While walking to work the other day, I found this fallen starling.

I was so taken by the intricate beauty of its stippled patterning and iridescent colors that I sketched it when I got home. Usually I limit my sketches to 30 minutes or so, but I was in a meditative mood, so I went on for over an hour, losing myself in the shapes and textures that comprised the bird. I used colored pencil to suggest the flashes of green and purple that I glimpsed in the glossy black feathers.

I don't know if I'd do anything with the bird itself in a finished project,  but maybe I'll extract the patterning from the feathers for a monoprint. Who knows when that will happen though, since in addition to my other printing projects, I've started my first clay class at the Museum. On to new adventures!


  1. Awesome work! I'm also excited to see what you'll do with clay.

  2. Thanks! The class I'm taking is all about hand-building, and we'll be working on three different projects designed to highlight different techniques, firings, and glazes. I made a weird-looking vase last week; tomorrow I'm apparently making a bowl or serving dish of sorts.


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