Sketch of the Week

As I've mentioned before, I go to Bottomless Lakes on a fairly regular basis. Each time I visit, I pay attention to something different. Sometimes I focus on the red rock formations, other times I may be studying the changing colors and patterns of the water, still at other times I'll be most interested in the waterfowl.

On my most recent excursion, I was looking at tree stumps.

I drew this scene because of its primordial feel. Bottomless Lakes is so concentrated with gypsum and other minerals that they've slowly covered the stumps with deposits, giving them a somewhat fossilized look. One of the reasons why I enjoy Bottomless Lakes so much is that the park feels like a time portal to me, transporting me to a time and place where dinosaurs and other long-extinct species nonchalantly wander about.

Almost. The bathroom facilities scattered throughout the park always remind me that I've never left the 21st century.