Sketch of the Week

For those in the astronomical know, there was a lunar eclipse earlier this week, giving the moon a reddish hue (also known as "blood moon"). When I lived in New England, I often didn't get to see these sorts of events between our latitude, the trees, and light pollution, but here in Roswell, I had ample opportunity.

While I was outside watching the eclipse, I had my sketchbook with me.

There are actually two separate sketches here. The top one is an overall of the moon, Mars, and the stars as they appeared between the telephone wires over my apartment (I was more interested in watching the eclipse than in painting the entire page black, so use your imaginations to see a night sky). The second on in the bottom right corner is a closer image of the moon alone. Astronomically my placements aren't the most accurate, but it was the experience of being able to see this event that mattered to me more than any drawing I could make of it.