Sketch of the Week: Mesquite Pods

When I moved to Roswell last July, I had no car, so for the first two months I was stuck in town in the heat.
Now that I have a vehicle, I often drive out on the weekends to Bottomless Lakes, where I go swimming in Lea Lake. It's one of the great joys I experience here, being able to plunge into the water and vanquish the heat so fully, not to mention the scenery with its reddish rocks and turquoise-hued water. I usually go in the mornings, and leave by the time the day trippers begin arriving in earnest.

Lea Lake

I typically go for a walk before I throw myself in the water, and if I see anything interesting, which is usually all the time, I sketch it. Last weekend, I drew these mesquite pods, which range in color from yellow-green to rich maroon. You can find them throughout the park, and while their thorns can be quite nasty if you stumble into them, they are beautiful to look at.