Testing, Part Two

Last week, I started telling you about my plans for a large-scale print series about Bottomless Lakes. I also showed you one of the test prints I made, which featured a representational drawing covered with layers of monotypes. This week, I'll show you a print that does the opposite.

As with all my series, I print all my monotypes at the same time, so while I was making the the image, I was also making two additional prints. Whereas last week's print featured a drawing in the background, this week I jumped straight to the color with no background image. Like the other image, I printed the first two monotypes with a brush, then used a sponge for the last two printings to add texture.

Here's the first monotype (again, ignore the vertical striations from the fluorescent lights):

Followed by the second monotype:

Followed by the third and fourth monotypes, with their textures:

Back at the apartment, I drew the primrose again. Instead of using my micronpen, which was nearly dried up anyway, I used pen and ink in order to have a broader range of values. 

Switching the order of the drawings definitely changed the emphasis on the work. Whereas the previous one was more about the monotypes than the flowers, the primrose is without a doubt the center of interest here. Yet as attractive as the result is, it wasn't achieving what I wanted. I like Bottomless Lakes for its entire landscape, not just its flowers, but this image put a definite emphasis on the botanical life.

Will next week's image create more of a balance? Stay tuned...