Sketch of the Week: dream image

Usually on the Sketch of the Week I share something I've drawn from everyday life, but today I'll shake things up by sharing an image I recollected from a dream I had recently.

I don't remember there being a plot, but basically it was set in a generic, industrial future where technology catered to our every whim. Rather than manifest in the typical robots, however, these technological servants appeared as unoccupied, yet animated clothes, walking suits, dresses, etc. They brought you food, cleaned your house, etc, as though there were invisible people or robots inside them. I distinctly recall, however, that it was more akin pure energy itself moving the clothes around in an anthropomorphic fashion. If you decided that you wanted to wear that walking dress or suit, the energy transferred simply itself into another source.

The one scene I remember clearly is of this metallic green striped dress with fairly outlandish sleeves walking down a grey metallic hallway toward a door. It wasn't passively floating down the hall; it definitely had a stride (The shadow should also be way lower down the page). It moved in the slow, dramatic fashion that you often associate with panning shots in car commercials. There was even a soundtrack to go with that saunter the dress so deftly employed, a sort of cross between Madonna's "Into the Groove" and the Eurythmics's "Sweet Dreams," neither of which I've heard recently.

What does this mean, you ask? Perhaps it means life has become an advertisement, a never-ending opportunity for product placement, all set to a slick soundtrack. Or maybe I'd just rather have my clothes walk around in the air and clean my house for me rather than fold them.