Sketch of the Week: Clyde Fulton Gardens

Like a lot of folks, I don't enjoy this arbitrary time-manipulating tradition we call Daylight Saving. Aside from the philosophical questions it raises about the nature of time, as well as the peculiar traditions of human culture, it tampers with my circadian rhythm, which I don't appreciate. What I do like, however, is the additional evening sunlight, which combined with the mild weather we've been experiencing recently, has enabled me to venture outside to sketch again after work, as I did the other night:

These two views are of Clyde Fulton Gardens, a hideaway tucked inside Cahoon Park. It's a picturesque little space, complete with fish pond and miniature arched bridge, the sort of place you can envision on those early 20th-century colorized postcards (though the Fulton garden was dedicated in the 1940s). It's one of many park nooks one can find in town, and one I pass by regularly. I doubt I'll do anything with these sketches; it just felt nice to be drawing outside in the sun, letting my pen wander over the page, carefree.