Gourding it up, part three

Last week, I showed you the prints I'd made of the gourds on marbled paper. One set turned out particularly well, capturing the harmony between planned order and serendipitous chaos, so I left it alone.

I still two other marbled sets, however, and I wanted to make each one different. The first set I hand-colored. As I worked I thought about the botanical prints of Bertha E. Jacques, a renowned Chicago-area etcher.

Here are the finished prints:

The other set I monotyped, using complementary colors to evoke harmony and balance. Remembering the mistakes of my silo print, I abstained from drawing this time, letting the colors speak for themselves.

Here are the finished prints from that set:

I don't know what I'll do with these, probably store them in a box for a future occasion. For me, it's about the process, so once I'm finished I'm indifferent to the work.