About that Storm

If you've been following the national weather reports at all lately, you'll know that a behemoth of a storm named Goliath recently paid a visit to southeastern New Mexico. I was in Maine visiting family at the time, so I missed the actual blizzard itself, but I did come home to this:

Remember, this is a place where the average summer temperature can break into the triple digits, so this amount of winter precipitation is, to put mildly, unusual.

It's taken several days for the town to dig itself out, but things are more or less back to normal at this point as far as the roads are concerned. With the sun finally melting a great deal of the snow, it looks far less dramatic now, but last weekend there was enough accumulation for me to put on my snowshoes and go exploring.

I have to admit, it felt rather surreal walking around the NMMI campus in snowshoes, but it was great fun too. There's something about strapping on a pair of snowshoes that gives an ordinary walk an adventurous quality. 

Here are some other pictures I took during my adventure. Blue skies reflecting off white snow always makes for striking landscapes:

Naturally the weather was rather chilly, but that gave me an excuse to bake a whole lot of bread:

So, yes, things are fine on the whole, but I'm positive that my fellow Roswellians would be more than happy to not see another storm like that come through anytime soon.