Sketch of the Week: Sleeping Owls

As a little girl growing up in Kittery Maine, me backyard was the woods. It was replete with wild animals, and I can remember encountering deer and fox on a least a couple of occasions. One creature I never got to see, however, was an owl. After my class took turns reading aloud Jane Yolen's Owl Moon one day, I asked my dad to take me out to the woods one night so that we too could see an owl. He obliged, and we made a valiant effort to find one, but alas, no luck.

Which is why I find it so peculiar that I've seen so many owls in Roswell. I never so much as caught a glimpse of an owl feather in the woods of Maine, but here, in a desert suburb, I see them great horned ones on a pretty regular basis. There are actually a couple of them that live right on the NMMI campus, and I often see them when I'm walking to my flute ensemble rehearsal.

Most recently, I encountered these two dozing in an elm tree while walking back from an errand to Walgreens. I was excited to see both the adult and its owlet, so I grabbed my pencils and made a quick drawing before continuing across campus:

Nature is often closer than you think.