Sketch of the Week: Wyoming Miscellany

When I was living in Dallas back in 2010-2011, I rented a bedroom within a home. As a result, I didn't have access to a studio space, so most of my creative downtime was spent either sketching on-site in the city, or tinkering with older sketches in the hopes of doing something on a larger scale in the future when I had more room.

These studies were experiments based on my Wyoming sketches from the previous summer. I used a combination of bamboo pen, speedball pen, and ink wash to create different effects.

Looking at this now, I think that uprooted tree stump is actually pretty darn good; I should do something with that.


  1. Woodbury,

    The knot of the tree is an eye. How interesting. Not only does a tree have limbs, but it has eyes, as well as a hairy mane. Trees are always interesting. They can grow as tall as a redwood, be buried as deep as the roots, and can be petrified.



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