Sketch of the Week: Dinosaur Patterns

As much as I'd like to base all of my dinosaurs on specimens observed directly from natural history museums, I don't always have the time to drive several hours to draw a few sundry pieces. So, to fill in some gaps in the meantime, I've been drawing some examples from a book I checked out from the local library, aptly titled The Complete Dinosaur.

As a kid I enjoyed the T-Rex as much as anybody (and the velociraptors doubly so), but I was also a fan of large herbivores with striking accessories. Stegosaurus was one, parasaurolophus, the top dinosaur you see here, was another. Paleontologists believe these dinosaurs used these horns to communicate, much like blowing a bugle or trumpet. I also remember reading in an exhibit some years ago (I think it was the Arizona Science Center) that the parasaurolophus was similar to a modern cow in terms of behavior and temperament. Sometimes when I'm driving to Santa Fe on 285, I replace the cows I see grazing with these dinosaurs, and it actually works pretty well as a mental image.


  1. Woodbury, compare the parasaurolophus dinosaur to the goblin shark. -DAC


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