Sketch of the Week: Argali Sheep

This past week I've been in Oklahoma City for the annual MPMA conference. The city is replete with fantastic museum collections, from the Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum to the Oklahoma History Center, so I made sure to visit these places in between conference sessions. One museum that's long been on my personal list is the Museum of Osteology, a place I've known about since at least 2012. I took my big sketchbook and drew for two hours.

Just in time for Halloween, here's a spooky sketch of an Argali Sheep skull. The lines are faint because I was using a hard pencil to keep the lines from smudging. Eerie qualities aside, this skull has a great shape and I'd love to do more with it.


  1. Sara Woodbury, to have a darker pencil might help in darkening the eye sockets, the nostrils, and the horn tips. On the wrinkled paper, I might suggest taking your time with it later in black ink. -DAC


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