Sketch of the Week: Lumpy Gourd

My parents sent me package last week containing some odd-looking gourds (my dad in particular was keen on finding more unusual-looking examples). Knowing about the multi-color linocut I did last year, apparently they decided that I need to up my gourd game. The next day then, I drew this exceptionally lumpy delight:

Last fall I had debated doing a painted version of the linocut still life so that I could contrast the different techniques I use, but I never got around to it. I'm thinking I'll do it this year with this gourd and his friends, though, since I seem to have gotten over my fear of painting, at least for the moment.

Happy autumn, everyone.


  1. Woodbury,
    I don't paint. but I have the tendency to think, after the sketching with pencil or light brush, that it should be like paint-by-numbers that transcends into Seurat Pointillism which then transcends into Monet Impressionism which then becomes solidified into Realism.


  2. Wow, keep it up, Sara. That is so awesome. -Mark (from the ol'Shelburne Museum)

    1. Thanks Mark! Rest assured, I've got plans for this gourd. Hope all is well with you.


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