Dinosaur Bowls

After watching passively for the last three years, I've finally decided to participate in Roswell's annual Pecos Valley Potter's Guild Art Sale. While I've had several requests to take part in previous years, I didn't feel that my technical skills were sufficient to produce something really worthwhile. I've gotten such a positive reception to my dinosaur pieces, however, that I feel I finally having something worth sharing at this event.

In anticipation of this sale, I decided to make some bowls so that I would have more to offer than mugs.

Drawing a diplodocus

We were out of black underglaze, so I used blue this time around.
For most of these new works I drew my dinosaurs along the exterior, but for this shape I did an interior design involving a prehistoric crocodilian. As I made this, I contemplated the ancient ouroboros, an ancient symbol of cyclical nature of the universe, depicted as a serpent consuming itself. I had recently seen the animated film The Secret of Kells, and there's a powerful scene involving the ouroboros.

Once the bowls had been fired, it was time to go through the usual procedure of running on the underglaze, covering the skeletons with wax, and dipping them in my go-to glaze, Floating Blue.

Here are the finished bowls. As I had done in a previous post, I've included some videos on here so that you can see what these pieces look like in the round.

The Potter's Guild show will be taking place on November 11th, 12th, and 13th at the Roswell Convention and Civic Center, which is right across from the RMAC. The show will be open 5-9 pm on Friday, 10 am-5 pm on Saturday, and 11 am-4 pm on Sunday. I'll be sharing a booth with another artist. 

If you're in town, be sure to stop in, look around, and if something strikes your fancy, take a piece home!