Sketch of the Week: Old-Time Botanicals

When I was in college and far more pretentious about my tastes than I am now, I used to hang these replicas of 19th-century botanical prints in my dorm room. I loved the delicate beauty and meticulous rendering of these objects, and even if I'm far open accepting of my nerdish self than I was then, I still enjoy them.

During a recent sketch session, I found myself thinking of these old botanical friends. The peaches and yellows were particularly evocative, suggesting the patina of age as bright reds fade into orange and pink.


  1. Woodbury, peaches and canary yellows or carmines into oranges and flamingoes, botanicals are beautiful. Having just survived a trip to Louisiana I happened upon a thorn vine that actually is a green vine with green thorns...with red thorn tips. -DAC


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