Sketch of the Week: White Iris

Springtime signals the return of the iris with their marvelous colors and rococo ruffled petals. I've been encountering the blooms all over town during the past couple of weeks, so it was only a matter of time before I began to draw them again. This particular beauty belongs to a bed of white iris at the First Presbyterian Church down on West 3rd and North Kentucky Street.
This drawing is somewhat similar to an iris sketch I made back in 2015, but whereas I was on the road for that one and only had access to a ballpoint pen, this time I had my pencils, charcoal, and pen and ink at my disposal. I also wasn't about to embark on a four-hour drive, so I could really take my time with this one. Drawing white flowers this time really encouraged me to study the distribution of light on the petals, which at the right angle almost resembles sugar granules.


  1. Woodbury, the Universalist Church in Las Cruces is where Tombough has a Gallery. Tombough discovered Pluto, and though it has rings, it is technically no longer a planet. I was wondering how Pluto fits in with Roswell. -DAC


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