Sketch of the Week: Planetarium II

A couple of years ago I posted a sketch I'd done of our Planetarium. Here's another one I did in 2015:

This drawing is not exciting or even good, but it is an excuse to share some exciting news: after much anticipation, planning and fundraising, we've renovated our Planetarium thanks to Digi-Star Enterprises. It's now got a 360 degree digital dome, and what's more, we've got access to a world's supply of programming via cloud storage. We still have our vintage star ball too, now illuminated with LED lights, and we'll continue to offer vintage shows with it. We've got a world-class facility for teaching contemporary astronomy, which is a huge educational resource for Roswell and its neighboring communities. We're resuming our regular programming next week, so if you're in town, stop in to check out our new schedule!