The Annual Holiday Card

With the holiday season comes the prospect of a mailbox replete with cards, boxes, and other ephemera. I've been making my own cards for the last few years now, so it's become an annual tradition for me. I always try to link my images to my current surroundings, and this year was no exception. My subject of choice this time around was a cactus flower I'd sketched some months ago, and have used as a motif on a few ceramic pieces.

Like last year's card, I created a small drypoint on a piece of Plexiglas, but while I had hand-painted last year's card, this time I around I marbled several sheets of paper beforehand, tore them up into smaller pieces, and printed on those. I limited my colors to red and green, giving the works a traditional holiday palette, but what I liked was that the marbling made each print unique. Sure, they use the same image and the same color, but the marbling ink never swirls the same way twice.

Good tidings, everyone.