The Fanciful Lobster Rides Again

At last, I have emerged from moving limbo and returned to the Fanciful Lobster!

"Why, hello; have you been hiding up there the entire time?"

While my hiatus was both practical and necessary, I'm very happy to be back online and look forward to sharing my new adventures with you.

What a busy two months it has been! Between driving a moving truck across country (with the help of my wonderful parents), settling into a new job, and getting comfortable with a new community, I've certainly been preoccupied. I'm especially excited about my new position here at the Roswell Museum and Art Center, so in addition to talking about my own art, I'll share some of my work projects as well in the future.

Not an intern anymore.

When not working, I've managed to find some nice places to take my bike, such as Bitter Lake:

Yes, it can get green out here.

I also bought my first car, a purchase that required a lot of thought and resignation. My attitude toward car culture in general is ambivalent at best; I'd rather see good public transportation be mandated nationwide than see our highways get choked with vehicles. My years in Arizona reminded me, however, that cars are essentially a necessity out West, so I got myself this used Prius. I will confess that I enjoy the independence of mobility that comes with owning a car.

My 2007 Prius. I'm generally not one for naming objects, but perhaps I'll give this one a name.

I also redesigned the blog. I originally had thought about giving it a Southwest color scheme, but I ended up using a photograph I took a few weeks ago instead. Knowing me, I'll tinker with it down the line, but for now I've accomplished the goal of changing its appearance to suit my new surroundings.

I've been sketching a great deal and ruminating on new print possibilities, as it's my way of meditating on my recent move. I'm looking forward to sharing these ideas with you.

Today's post is a short one, but now that I'm back online, I'll be resuming The Fanciful Lobster's regularly scheduled programming, including Sketch of the Week, and Printmakers You Should Know. Until next time, be well, and huzzah!